Vitality Through Art

INDIATA, in collaboration with the Marian University Art Department, will be creating a community art exhibit titled Vitality Though Art. The exhibit will part of November's Spirit and Place festival highlighting the theme of "Power." Vitality Through Art will highlight the power of art to advocate, illuminate and heal within the realms of mental and medical health. The exhibition will celebrate art’s ability to give life to human experiences and create the healing energy for life enhancing transformations. Submissions for artwork will be open to the public. Art therapists are encouraged to participate. A panel discussion will accompany the exhibit, including artists, art therapists and others who use art in the arena of medical and mental health.

We could use some extra brainpower and person-power to make this a successful event that will promote and advocate for the profession of art therapy. If you are interested in helping, please contact Kristi Gmutza at


Vitality Through Art, exhibition: November 6 - 10, 9am-5pm, Marian University, Marian Hall Gallery

Panel Discussion: Monday, November 6, 4-6pm, Marian University, Marian Hall

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