Let’s also welcome the newest chapter of the American Art Therapy Association – the 
Indiana Art Therapy Association!  Michelle Itczak, President, explains what motivated her to 
establish our newest Chapter, “When I was a college student and wanted to network with Hoosier 
art therapists, I learned we didn’t have a chapter in Indiana. It was always a goal of mine to help 
establish a chapter in our state. Now, several years later, it’s become a reality with the growing 
number of art therapists in Indiana. We are so excited to finally establish an official chapter here. 
There have been attempts in the past that didn’t quite flourish, and now with more art therapists in 
the state, we’ve developed a strong group of art therapists that are dedicated to building a longlasting chapter to educate our state and advocate for art therapy. We hope to be a resource for 
Indiana and a connection for students who are looking into the field of art therapy.”

The Indiana Chapter is led by:  

Michelle Itczak, President 
Jessica Beuscher, President-Elect
Natasha Young, Secretary
Liza Hyatt, Treasurer
Tami Harris, Membership
Juliet King, Government Affairs and Delegate, Assembly of Chapters
Lisa Rainey, 2nd DelegateAssembly of Chapters

Join us in welcoming both the Montana Art Therapy Association and the Indiana Art Therapy 
Association at the Assembly of Chapters meeting at the Annual American Art Therapy Conference in July.